Day Two,
390 Hamurana Road,



New Zealand.
Phone +64 (7) 345 7647

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Why are we called Day Two? Because on the second day God created water and then the kayak fun really started!
We manufacture quality handmade kayak and watersports gear in New Zealand. New Zealand’s leading kayak clothing brand over the past 2 decades. We manufacture buoyancy vests and spraydecks  as well as selling Kokatat (dry tops, suits, rescue vests), Liquid Stixx SUP's, Vajda (slalom kayaks) and Dynamo (wing, polo and slalom paddles).


The company is run by Andy Fuller who has 30+ years of worldwide kayak experience and 21 years in the industry.

The company is based close to the Kaituna river for our product testing regime.
We offer exceptional support to our customers and retail shops.  We recycle as much waste material as possible and proudly support the volunteer organisations that run New Zealand kayaking and keep our rivers free flowing.




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